Friday, September 18, 2015

What to Do If You Think There is a Warrant Out For Your Arrest

Do You Think You May Have an Outstanding Warrant?

An outstanding warrant for your arrest can be issued for a number of reasons. Criminal bench warrants are routinely issued for failure to appear in court to face criminal charges or a similar proceeding such as a traffic ticket due to a moving violation. A warrant for your arrest may also be signed by a judge if you are a suspect in a crime that is currently being investigated. This means police will be aware because your name will go directly into a statewide computer system that serves the entire law enforcement community.

Breaking the Law is a Serious Matter Regardless of the Crime

In most cases, unless it’s a very serious offense, the police aren’t constantly looking around town in an effort to throw you in jail. For a failure to appear in court charge on a relatively minor issue, they may not even stop by your home or place of employment. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t in trouble. Those minor issues you may have forgotten about could land you in jail. It’s time to dig up and become aware of your current criminal history and face any possible charges before you’re arrested out of the blue without warning.

Types of Arrests

An arrest that stems from a warrant

Normally, police need an arrest warrant to make an arrest. The warrant orders police to arrest a certain person and bring him before a judge in court. The warrant names someone indicted of some crime based on certain document types used to accuse people of crimes. For example: indictments, complaints or petitions related to probation or parole violations. Information from these documents supplies probable cause for the arrest.

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